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Grey Duck Garlic: we sell certified organic garlic and put a ton of stuff on our website (because it gets boring in the winter so we need some sort of hobby).


Buy Organic Garlic

Buy Organic Garlic: we sell both hardneck seed garlic cloves and bulbs.

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Contact us with garlic questions.

No Quack Guarantee: garlic quality control.

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Frequently asked questions about growing, scaping and harvesting hardneck and softneck garlic.


About Us

About us: the garlic farmers behind Grey Duck Garlic.

The story of Grey Duck Garlic: how we got our name.

Fire on hill: a big thank you to the firefighters who saved our farm.

Charitable and community work.

Testimonials from happy customers.


Grow Garlic

First time garlic grower's guide: what you need to know before you grow garlic.

How to grow organic garlic: a step by step guide with photos.

Southern garlic grower's guide: how to grow garlic in the South.

How to grow big garlic: raise huge bulbs.

How to grow small garlic: a guide on how not to grow garlic.

How to grow green garlic: grow spring green garlic.

How to grow garlic bulbils: grow garlic from small 'seed' bulbs.

How to store garlic.

Why buy garlic cloves instead of bulbs?

Garlic planting chart: find out when to plant garlic by your gardening zone.

Garlic breeding project: how we select our Grey Duck Garlic varieties.

German Red garlic gets a makeover!


Buy and Grow Larger Amounts of Garlic

Buy Farmer's Market and CSA Organic Garlic Packs: specials designed for marketing garlic.

Why should you buy seed garlic?

What garlic variety should I buy? How to choose you favorite garlic variety.

How much garlic should I plant? A guide to how to calculate how much garlic you need.


Marketing Garlic

How to market garlic: tips for increasing garlic sales.

Farmer's market tips: how to thrive in a farmer's market.

Green organic garlic: how and why to grow green garlic.

Women and garlic farming: tips for women farmers and growers.


Garlic Cookbook

Garlic Cookbook: index of garlic recipes.

Buy Cook's Organic Garlic Specials: garlic assortments designed for the cook.

Garlic flavor profiles for different varieties.

Using different garlic flavors in gourmet cooking: a chef's guide to garlic.

Garlic cooking tips and conversion rates.

Cooking with garlic bulbils.

Why Grey Duck Garlic has great tasting garlic.

Garlic Varieties Recipes

Asian Tempest

Georgian Crystal

German Red

Red Rezan

Romanian Red




Garlic Enhances Health

Garlic and health: how garlic improves wellbeing.

Garlic inhibits wrinkles and skin aging!

Garlic protects your heart: see how garlic keeps firefighter's tickers healthier!

Garlic lowers blood pressure.

Garlic and epigenetics: change your genes one clove at a time!

Garlic prevents type 2 diabetes.

Garlic reduces inflammation.

Garlic prevents hip osteoarthritis.

Garlic improves memory.

Garlic and medicine: a short history of the use of garlic.


Garlic Kills Germs

Garlic combats food poisoning.

Garlic kills MRSA.

Garlic fights TB to a standstill.

Garlic protects baby formula from pathogens.


Garlic Enhances Nutrition

Garlic enhances iron absorption.

Garlic helps you absorb more zinc and iron from grains and beans.


Garlic Information

Garlic Information: fun facts and nutritional information about garlic.

Garlic and pets: is garlic safe to give your dogs, cats or horses?

Garlic festivals that you might want to check out!

The history of garlic: garlic through the ages.

Garlic classification: where does the family tree fork?

Ten garlic families: descriptions and growing information.


Garlic Follies and Stories

Garlic follies and stories loosely related to garlic.

Garlic report: what is happening in the garlic field.

Supermodel garlic: our garlic goes on a photoshoot.

Women vs weeds: the war on weeds.

Tara the garlic dog: her duties explained.

The art of Grey Duck Garlic.

How to tell if you are depressed.

Copyright on the wild web.


Fun Garlic Facts

Fun garlic facts and world records.

Stop garlic breath: new research focuses on the stinky aspect of chowing down on cloves.

Garlic smuggling: lock up your cloves!

Garlic wipes up hazardous waste.

New garlic species.

Complete Descriptions of Garlic

Garlic varieties

Asian Tempest


Chesnok Red

Georgian Crystal

German Red

Lorz Italian

Red Rezan

Romanian Red





All About Bees

All about bees: your questions about the buzzy hummers answered.

Common bee families in North America.

Help the bees: what you can do to help our pollinators.

Pesticides exposure causes colony collapse disorder in honeybees.

Pesticide exposure causes bumblebees to lose their way.

Pesticides prevent bumblebees from gathering pollen.

Bee vs wasp! How to tell bees from wasps, yellow jackets and hornets.


Sustainable Practices

Sustainable practices: how to control weeds organically.

Garlic can control pest insects!

Why we grow chemical free garlic.

Train your cow to eat weeds.

Wildlife in the garlic field: tips to attract animals and birds to your yard.



Seed planting guide

Container garden

Kitchen garden

Square foot garden









No Quack Guarantee:

We want you to be happy! If you are not satisfied with your organic garlic we will replace the garlic or refund your money. No hassles or squawking!

Grey Duck Garlic is certified organicWhy We Are Certified Organic

We don't just say we grow organically, we are certified Organic. This means our farm and operating procedures are inspected, approved and certified Organic by Washington State's Department of Agriculture. Sure it takes us extra time and work to meet Washington's strict organic requirements, but we think it is worth it for our customer's peace of mind. Growing organically requires more than not using pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. Grey Duck Garlic has sustainable growing practices that improve our soil, create habitat for wildlife, and leave the land better than when we started farming. We take the time to certify our farm so you know you are getting the very best organic berries and produce.