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Siberian: Mild Mannered Beauty


A true robust beauty that grows well in the North and South.

Culinary Qualities:  This great tasting bulb caramelizes when roasted. Delicate and mild garlic flavor that compliments other flavors without overwhelming them.  Siberian is perfect in light stir-fries, dips, sauces or soups where only a hint of creamy garlic flavor is desired.  Great variety for those who prefer a subtle approach to garlic flavor. Check out our garlic recipes for this versatile allium.Grey Duck Garlic, Siberian garlic bulbs with roots in the air


Picture: a box of Siberian bulbs lays bottoms up, perfectly cured and ready to send out to a happy garlic grower.

Siberian originally came from Europe. It was traditionally used in Eastern European and Russian cooking. The garlic landed in Alaska sometime in the 19th century. Legend says it was traded off the docks in return for fresh vegetables.

Special note: this garlic is mild and creamy when cooked but hot when raw.

Special Attributes:  If you are concerned about illness, this is the garlic for you.  Siberian has one of the highest concentration of allicin when compared to other garlic varieties.  Allicin and is a biologically active component of garlic which is antimicrobial and may have health benefits. Porcelain garlic, such as Romanian Red, Parvin and Georgian Crystal, also have high allicin content. 

All garlic contains organosulfur compounds that kill bacteria on contact. The amount of organosulfur compounds varies depending on garlic variety and growing conditions. Garlic grown in sulfur rich soil contains more organosulfur compounds. Manure is naturally high in sulfur; this makes organically grown garlic very healthy.

Siberian’s mild flavor means that you can add more garlic to dishes and receive the maximal health benefits.  This lovely garlic has large white bulbs which are usually streaked with pink to purple.  Smaller bulbs tend to have more color than larger bulbs. Beautiful by the bulb or the box!

Growing Considerations:  Like Georgian Crystal, Siberian is an easy to grow garlic.  Our customers report that this garlic does well in cold and warm climates. The medium tall elegant plants produce large bulbs and beautiful purple flowers. Plants have slender stems which hide larger bulbs. The cloves from this variety have beautiful hard smooth wrappers which are fun to run through your fingers.  

Siberian is susceptible to yellow tips on leaves after hard spring frosts. The yellow tips don't affect the good health and strong vigor of this plant though! See our garlic growing page for suggestions on how to grow big healthy bulbs.     

Cloves: 25-35 large cloves/lb. or 35-45 medium cloves/lb.  The large bulbs usually contain 5-9 plump cloves.  These numbers are approximate and will vary slightly.

Type: This hardneck garlic is in the marble purple stripe family.


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