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Garlic Festivals (All Updated for 2017! )

Attend a garlic festival this year. Descriptions and activities of fun USA and Canada garlic festivals below.


Why attend a garlic festival? Go to immerse yourself in the whole garlic festival experience. Dive in and taste garlic ice cream, wear garlic hats, watch garlicky cooking shows, and see people dressed up as garlic. Most festivals have live music, entertainers and people having tons of fun with their favorite herb. A big plus, everyone at the festival is eating garlic so no one needs to worry about stinky breath! 

Many garlic festivals donate their proceeds to charity and/or benefit local growers so you will be helping others while you enjoy yourself.

Even if attending a garlic festival is not in your plans, remember that National Garlic Day is April 19 and celebrate with a favorite garlic dish or by wearing that garlic shirt you couldn't resist!

Garlic growers near these festivals may want to explore the benefits of participating. Festivals can be a great way to maximize consumer exposure to your farm. For other ways to succeed in garlic growing, check out our marketing tips or see our suggestions on how to grow the biggest bulbs.

Jane, susan and Edna lean on their toolsPicture: Garlic producers Edna, Susan and Jane show off the tools of their trade. We aren't sure what Edna plans to do with the broom!

US Garlic festivals are listed by state (California, Connecticut, Florida, Indiana, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Washington, Vermont, and Virginia) followed by Canadian festivals. I've included dates, ticket prices, a quick summary of the main events of each festival and whether the celebration seem to focus on gourmet garlic cooking, growing garlic varieties, or just plain garlic fun!


What Can You Do At a Garlic Festival?



Participate in a garlic festival poster contest! Check out these contests:

  • Gilroy Garlic Festival has a cash prize for 1st through 3rd place ($750, $400 and $200 respectively), with a deadline of March 17, 2017. Entries for 2018 Gilroy Garlic Festival will be available online Jan. 1, 2018.
  • Hudson Valley Garlic Festival uses the winning image for T-shirts and posters with a $750 cash prize for winner, deadline is August 5, 2016.
  • NW Garlic Festival has a garlic poster contest with a cash prize of $150. They are looking for bold design and color.
  • Delray Beach Garlic Fest has a garlic poster contest which celebrates garlic in art. I was unable to find the link to the actual poster competition.

Many of these garlic festivals have annual contests so if you missed this year's deadline you may want to check back next year. Click on the links for eligibility requirements for each contest.

Community artists can apply to show artwork in the Bloomington Garlic Fest and Community Art Fair.


Cooks and Chefs:

Try your hand at creating garlic dishes designed to impress and cause extreme breath. Gilroy Garlic Festival has a Great Garlic Cook-off open to amateur chefs across the USA and Canada! There is an online form to fill out at the website which is due by May 1, 2017. Prizes are $5,000, $2,500, $1000 and $100 for first through eight place so start trying those garlic dishes now.

South Cariboo Garlic Festival hosts a Master Garlic Chef Recipe and Cook-Off competition which includes a live cook-off of the top three recipes. Get your picture in their Master Garlic Chef Hall of Fame. Cuba Garlic Festival has a fun garlic cook-off.

Young local chefs can enter the Junior Garlic Iron Chef competition at Long Island Garlic Festival. See the entry form here. Bloomington Garlic Fest and Community Art Fair has cooking contests for adults and kids.



Hills Garlic Fest has a garlic poetry contest; so start dreaming up those odes to bulbs. You submit your poets at the festival.


Garlic Growers:

Bring your bulbs to be judged at the Minnesota Garlic Festival. Prizes awarded for largest head, smallest head, best in show and garlic makeover categories. Cuba Garlic Festival has The Great Garlic Bulb Contest with garlic judged on diameter, weight and appearance. Hills Garlic Festival awards prizes to the largest bulb and heaviest garlic clove. Some other festivals also feature garlic contest or you could try your state fair!


For True Garlic Lovers:



Gilroy Garlic Festival
Where: Gilroy, CA
When: the last full weekend in July (July 28-30, 2017)
Tickets at gate: Adult $20.00, seniors over 60 years $15.00, children 10-16 $10.00, children under 10 free, Military $15 with valid US Military ID. Local day Friday w/$15 Adult and $10 senior. Discounted tickets online ($2 off). $10 parking.

The Gilroy Garlic Festival is the Top Dog of garlic festivals. It was started in 1979 to help foster community pride in the areas softneck garlic production. Since that time it has grown into a huge, heavily sponsored event with loads of garlic themed entertainment. 

In 2016 $275,000 was distributed to 132 charities. The festival has raised over $11.2 million for charities over its 37 year run. Gilroy Garlic festival concentrates more on the food and fun aspect of garlic than on garlic production or diversity.

It includes several cooking contests including the Great Garlic Cook-Off. In Champions for Charity contest teams of local first responders compete in a three round cooking contest to win $3,000 for the charity of their choice! In the Garlic Showdown 4 chefs face off in an iron cook challenge.

Barbecue enthusiasts will enjoy the 2017 Gilroy Garli-Que BBQ Challenge which features Kansas City BBQ Society (KCBS) sanctioned 4-meat Championship Series event, a Jack Daniel’s World Championship Invitational BBQ (draw), an American Royal Invitational Qualifier, and a Team of the Year (ToY) event for KCBS and the California BBQ Association with an optional event and a People's Choice. Teams compete for $7,500 plus trophies and bragging rights.

Main Features:
Free garlic ice cream
Cook-Off Stage and Gourmet Alley (a huge outdoor kitchen with flaming food)
"So You Think You Can Cook With Garlic", Face book garlic cook-off
Hourly cooking demonstrations
Garlic themed food and wine booths
Three stages of musical entertainment
Entertainers of all kinds
Miss Gilroy Garlic competition
Arts and crafts of different sorts
Children’s activities and mini rides all 3 days



Olde Mistick Village Garlic Festival
Where: Mystic, Connecticut
When: September 16 & 17, 2017
Free to the public

The Olde Mistick Village Garlic Festival offers you a chance to visit with local garlic growers, sample some garlicky food and check out local crafters. There is a live Birds of Prey program and a reptile show for the kids.

Main Features:
Garlic growers
Local crafters
Live bands

Garlic and Harvest Festival
Where:Bethlehem, Connecticut
When: October 7 & 8, 2017
Tickets: Adults $8, seniors $7, children under 12 $1

The Garlic and Harvest Festival features family fun for all with garlic growing lectures, fresh garlic, cooking demos, garlic ice cream, live music, rides and a zip line.  The festival is growing every year and provides loads of entertainment.

Main Features:
Cooking demos
Over 200 venders and farmers
Free samples
Garlic growing lectures
Live music
Children’s rides, zip line and games



Delray Beach Garlic Fest NOW South Florida Garlic Fest
Where: Now in Lake Worth, Florida (formerly held in Delray Beach, Florida)
Dates: Feb. 10-12, 2017 (Feb. 9-11, 2018)
Tickets: Friday tickets: $10 in advance, $20 at gate. $10 early bird early admission (before 6 pm) on Saturday, $20 admission after 6 pm Saturday, $10 all day on Sunday, children 10 and under free

Note: new name and location for 2017 but same great food and fun! This festival is orientated towards Garlic Food Entertainment, i.e. music and fine dining not garlic growing. There are musical acts, entertainment and great food. Money raised goes to support local non-profit educational and art programs for youth. South Florida Garlic Fest has donated over $600,000 to charity. Mascot is Mr. Garlic.

Check out the Garlic University with free art activities for kids.

Garlic Chef Stadium where local chefs compete for the title of South Florida Garlic Chef 2017!

Main Features:
Cooking shows and competitions
Garlic Chef Stadium
Garlic themed food booths and venders including garlic ice cream and crab cakes in Gourmet Alley
Trolley rides from parking lot
Performers and musicians to entertain
Children’s activities like Garlic University
Carnival rides



Bloomington GarlicFESTsm & Community Art Fair
Where: Bloomington, IN
Dates: Labor Day Weekend: 1st weekend in September 2017
Free to Public

This festival is sponsored by Garlic, Inc., a 2012 nonprofit educational group and Community Art Fair. Garlic, Inc. concentrates on the educational aspect of garlic consumption and offer interesting lectures about field to plate food production and consumption. Has a fun Kidzone and a community art fair.

Heres an article on why you should avoid Chinese garlic.

This festival also employs a odd superscript in the name to denote a service mark (basically the prequel to a trademark) and partial bolding of the festival name (which is what happens when you read too many books on how to brand your event). I'll admit it did make me look it it a couple of times so it may be working.

Main Features:
Healthy garlic cooking competition
Art Fair
Garlic themed food booths and venders
Beer and wine garden
Two days of live music and artists
Cooking contest



Midwest Garlic Fest
Where: Terrapin Park, Elizabeth, IL
Dates: August 12 & 13, 2017
Free to Public

More information on facebook page. This festival is organized by Galina Garlic Company. Local venders sell garlic, garlic themed dishes, beer and wine.

Main Features:
Garlic kissing booth
Garlic themed food booths and venders
Live music and entertainment
Children's activities



Nostrano Garlic Festival
Where: Bangor, Maine
Dates: September 22-24, 2017
Tickets: ?

Main Features:
To be announced according to the limited information on their website. Last year they had a BBQ Challenge. They raise money for charity.


North Quabbin Garlic and Arts Festival
Where: Forsters Farm, Orange, Massachusetts
When: Sept 23 & 24, 2017
Tickets: Adults $5/day or $8/weekend, children under 12 free, be a volunteer for free admission

North Quabbin Garlic and Arts Festival features interesting demonstrations, a raw garlic eating contest, unique venders, renewable energy info, and lots of family entertainment.  This non-profit event is a fund raiser for Seeds of Solidarity Educational Center and emphasizes homemade and handmade high quality crafts. Check out the cool wood-fired masonry oven that bakes great food for the volunteers! Their slogan: "where Orange is the new green". Last year they had only 3 bags of trash for 10,000 people. All else was recycled or composted!

Check out their Portal to the Future! They include a Spoken Word Stage designed for adults featuring quieter entertainment including poetry and stories.

This festival awarded more than $35,000 in community grants supporting local food and arts since 2009.

Main Features:
Garlic food booths
Chef and cooking demonstrations
Raw garlic eating contest
Many types of local venders and booths
Alternative health care choices
Art, regional agriculture, healing art and other demonstrations
Live music and entertainment
Children’s activities with projects and hayrides



Minnesota Garlic Festival
Where: Hutchinson, MN
When: August 12, 2017
Tickets: Adults $5, kids under 12 free, parking $1, volunteer to get free admission. 2 for 1 coupon on website in 2017.

Minnesota Garlic Festival has over 100 varieties of garlic from local growers for you to buy!  This family friendly and zero waste event has cooking demonstrations, entertainment and live music. For more on the festival plus some oddball facts check out their funny and interesting e-newsletter, The Stinky News. I started reading and found myself laughing out loud several times. Also, their sister newsletter The Unauthorized Twine Ball Festival Website and the ball of twine contest.

Garlic Makeover category in the garlic growing contest. The best garlic makeover will be determined by how many people are willing to pay 25 cents to vote for it (presumably so that a paper bag can be placed over its unsightly head). The winner gets 10% of the take while the rest is donated to Crow River Sustainable Farming Association.

Main Features:
Garlic growing contest (prizes for biggest, smallest and best made over bulb!) Live in Minnesota, North Dakota, Wisconsin, South Dakota, or Iowa and want to compete? Check out our pages on growing huge garlic bulbs or on growing really small bulbs! Sadly we have no page on garlic grooming tips yet.
Cooking demonstrations by Minnesota chefs
Fun fashion events "Eco Fashion Frenzy Upcycle Fashion Show" and the “Rogue Runway Show”
Local artisans
Garlic cafe “The Great Scape”
Live Music
Children’s activities
Kite flying



St. Louis Garlic Fest has festival information, garlic jokes and a scary photo of a man in a pizza dress on their face book page)
Where: St. Louis, Missouri
Dates: June 17, 2017
Free to public

This small garlic festival hosted by Carodelet Gardens Urban Farm features garlic, live music, a farmers' market, children's activities and good food. The nonprofit Carodelet Gardens Urban Farm grows 16 varieties of garlic in 2.4 acres of urban lots. Have fun in a raw garlic eating contest! The five year old record is held by a 13-year-old girl who consumed 12 oz. of garlic in one minute .

Main Features:
Live music
Garlic Preparing Contest
Garlic braiding and cooking demonstrations
Garlic themed food booths from local restaurants
Petting zoo and DIY kid's craft area
Farmers' market
Self-sustainability workshops

New York

Hudson Valley Garlic Festival
Where: Saugerties, New York
When: (Always held the last week in September) September 30 & October 1, 2017
Tickets: $10 per day at gate, advance local tickets $7 adults and $5 senior (65 or older), children under 12 free with an adult

Hudson Valley Garlic Festival has an astonishing variety of garlic varieties and venders complimented by great entertainment.  The garlic takes center stage here and everything else revolves around it.  If you are looking to sample the full range of garlic flavors or wear garlic on your hat, this is the place to do it.  For the grower or cook there are many garlic growers selling exotic garlic seed or culinary garlic.  This is one of the larger garlic festivals and was founded in 1989. Money made from this event is used for funding local non profits; with an emphasis on benefiting children.

Main Features:
Garlic growers and garlic supplies
Garlic themed arts and crafts
Garlic food venders selling exotic creations
Garlic Seed Foundation answers questions about the stinking rose
Chefs and expert lecturers on various topics related to garlic, herbs and gardening
Performers and musicians
Many children’s activities including a rock climbing wall and gemstone panning
Poster contest deadline

Cuba Garlic Festival
Where: Empire City Farms, Cuba, New York
When: September 16 & 17, 2017
Tickets: $7 person at gate, $5 pre-sale, children 10 and under free, free parking

The Cuba Garlic Festival is a fun family event with food and craft demonstrations, a garlic cook off, cheese making demo, and dog agility exposition. Enter your perfect garlic in a great garlic bulb contest or participate in a garlic hot dog eating contest for cash prizes and festival T-shirts! For those who like wine with their garlic, there is even an amateur wine making contest.

Main Features (from past festivals: the lineup for 2017 is not available yet):
Garlic King and Queen and Lil' Stinkers
Garlic cook off
Garlic hot dog eating contest
Amateur wine making competition
Garlic food venders
Food and Artesian demonstrations
Artesian booths
Beer tent
Live music and entertainers
Children’s activities including pony rides and petting zoo

Fox Run Vineyard Garlic Festival
Where: Pen Yan, New York
When: August 5 & 6, 2017
Free to public

The Fox Run Vineyard Garlic Festival pairs fine wines with garlic foods and music. There are a series of lectures on garlic growing, cooking, wine, and food. Buy heirloom garlic or check out some garlic recipes.

Main Features:
Garlic lectures, garlic braiding and cooking demonstrations
Garlic food tent with wine tasting
Vender tent
Hardneck garlic
Live music
Glass blowing demonstrations

Mohawk Valley Garlic and Herb Festival
Where: Little Falls, New York
When: September 9, 2017
Tickets: Adults $3, per group or family $10, children under 12 free

Mohawk Valley Garlic and Herb Festival offers a fun day watching the garlic cook off, garlic braiding demonstrations and medicinal herb lectures. One third of the admission costs go to support the Mohawk Valley Center of the Arts. Their motto: 'Eat, Stink and Be Merry'. Dogs are welcome and even have a doggie rest area with free water and poop-waste bags!

Main Features:
Garlic and herb growers
Free horse drawn carriage rides
Garlicky food
Garlic Queen pageant
Live music
Garlic cook off
Free Moss Island walking tours

Long Island Garlic Festival
Where: Garden of Eve, Aquebogue, New York
When: September 17 & 18, 2016 (no 2017 dates yet)
Tickets: Adults $5, children under 6 free

The Long Island Garlic Festival celebrates organic garlic with garlic food, crafts, music, hayrides and theater. Some of the proceedings go to support local environmental charities. Garlic eating contest with $100 cash to winner. You may want to read the fine print on the 2016 waiver - it is pretty funny.

New! Junior Garlic Iron Chef competitions for children and teens (10-17 years old) to compete as individuals or teams of up to four. They have 1/2 hour to prepare a garlic pasta sauce in front of a live audience. Ingredients are provided.

Main Features:
Garlic sellers and craft venders
Garlic ice cream
The Great Garlic Cook Off
Live music
Children’s activities including pony rides and hay rides

Susquehanna Valley Garlic Festival
Where: Wood Bull Antiques, Milford, NY
When: September 17, 2016 (no word on 2017 dates)
Tickets: Free to the public

Family fun with entertainment by local artists and a kids craft table. Buy garlic from local growers or attend a growing garlic presentation.

Main Features:
Garlic sellers and craft venders
Garlic braiding and other demonstrations
Live music and other entertainment



Cleveland Garlic Festival
Where: Shaker Square, Cleveland, Ohio
When: August 26 & 27, 2017
Tickets: Adults $9, senior (65+) $5, 4-12 years $5, children under 4 free

The Cleveland Garlic Festival is a celebration of grilling, garlic and fun family activities with a dash of local stainability thrown in. Money from the festival is used to support and operate farmer's markets and educational and charitable market programs throughout Greater Cleveland. Check out the Celebrity Chef Competition with free samples and the parades during the festival.

Main Features:
Opening Preview Brunch Benefit
Top Chef Grill-off with heirloom pork, grass-fed beef, free range chickens and vegetarian competitions
Live music and parades
Miss Cleveland Garlic Festival
Mighty Locavore Area for Kids with petal tractor maze, cooking class, rock climbing wall, chicken raising and more
Gourmet Garlic Alley
Wine and beer tasting


North Plains Elephant Garlic Festival
Where: North Plains, Oregon
When: August 11-13, 2017
Tickets: Free to the public

This is the winner of the Garlic Festival Face-Off so they reclaimed their original name (they had split into two festivals: the Summer Fest & Garlic out West and the Oregon Garlic Festival). This festival focuses on elephant garlic (actually a member of the leek family) not 'real' garlic. However, in the spirit of fun stinks, I am including their festival in my list. They have one of the best website addresses:!

Main Features:
Garlic food and craft venders
Beer and wine garden
Children's area
Walk/run, obstacle course
Live music, parade and car show


Pocono Garlic Festival
Where:  Shawnee Mountain in East Stroudsburg, PA
When: Labor Day weekend (Sept 2 & 3, 2017)
Tickets: At the gate adults $12.50 and children 5-12 $8.50, in advance adults $9 and children 5-12 $7.50, children 4 or under free, 2 day pass $15 in advance or $17 at the gate. Free parking

Pocono Garlic Festival has plenty of family entertainment with two days of nonstop garlic food, music, novelty family shows, and children’s activities.  Cooking demonstrations by chefs; regional growers and artisans; and strolling entertainers add to the air of fun. Hosts a Chopped Garlic Competition in which chefs must combine surprise and unusual ingredients or face the chopping block.

Main Features:
Growers selling garlic and other farm raised products
Garlic Eating Contest Queen or King receives ski passes and other goodies
Garlic themed arts and crafts
Garlic food venders (including garlic flavored snow cones)
Chefs and lecturers
2 outdoor stages for performers and musicians
Many children’s activities including an educational tent, petting zoo, magic shows and The Garlic Pie Man

Hot and Stinky Garlic & Herb Festival
Where: Zanolini Nursery & Country Shop in Drums, PA
When: August 26 & 27, 2017
Tickets: No mention of tickets in website, likely free to public

The Keystone State Hot and Stinky Garlic and Herb Festival features local garlic growers and crafters as well as a Chinese Auction.  Have a fun time watching or participating in a garlic or hot pepper eating contest!

Main Features:
Garlic eating contest
Hot pepper eating contest
Chili cook of
Pottery making demonstrations

Easton Garlic Fest
Where: Easton, Pa
When: October 1 & 2, 2016 (no 2017 date up yet)
Tickets: No mention of tickets in website, likely free to public unless you want to attend one of the Big Stinkin' Wheel of Cheese, Dangerous Desserts or Gastric Garlic tastings.

The Easton Garlic Fest focuses on food with fun cooking demos, free food samples and a Dracula Dip contest. Their slogan is 'Eat, Drink & Stink'. They have a First Responder Cook-Off , cooking contests and even a weiner toss contest.

Main Features:
Mystery basket chef cook-off using fresh ingredients from the market
Dracula Dip contest
Dangerous desserts made of garlic
Cooking demos
Local farmers and crafters
Free samples
Beer and wine
Live music
Little Stinkers Row for kids activities like pony rides and moon bouncing



Northwest Garlic Festival
Where: Ocean Park, WA
When: the 3rd weekend in June (June 17 & 18, 2017)
Free to public

The Northwest Garlic Festival features fun family entertainment with a variety of venders, food and live music since 1981. See their collection of garlic decor and clothes; including jewelry and hats! Try out their selection of hand made garlic soaps (mmm mmm, add a little tomato sauce hair gel and a mozzarella hat with a spring of oregano for that freshly baked pizza smell guaranteed to attract hungry people and dogs - just don't let the dogs eat the garlic). Those with an artistic bent can try their hand at the annual garlic poster contest with a cash prize of $150 (it was suspended in 2016 due to a guest artist but should return in 2017).

Main Features:
Garlic peeling contest
Garlic food and spices
Garlic themed venders including garlic decor

Okanogan River Garlic Festival
Where: Okanogan, WA
When: It was held on August 26 & 27, 2016 (I could not find 2017 date or a website).
Free to public

Okanogan River Garlic Festival is a fun family oriented event with a garlic piñata, and a dunk tank. It offers local wine, bread and cheese tasting.

Main Features:
Wine tasting
Over 30 local venders

Garlic Faire (please do not be alarmed at the sheer vibrancy of this website)
Where: China Bend Winery, Kettle Falls, WA
When: Aug. 20, 2016 (I could not find 2017 date)
Tickets: $5

The Garlic Faire combines a weekend of organic wine and garlic with live music.

Main Features:
Gourmet food
Arts and Crafts
Live music

Chehalis Garlic Fest and Crafts Show
Where: Chehalis, WA
When: August 28, 25-27, 2017
Tickets: General Admission $5, seniors over 65 $4, Military with ID $4, children 7 and under free

The Chehalis Garlic Fest and Craft Faire features fun for all with 65 different kinds of naturally grown garlic, gourmet garlic foods, a vintage trolley to pick up people in the Twin Cities, wine tasting and pony rides.

Main Features:
Garlic food venders
Arts and craft venders
Seed garlic
Cloves and Bulbs Wine Tasting
Beer garden
Children’s activities and pony rides
Chef demos
Live music on two outdoor stages



Southern Vermont Garlic and Herb Festival (Face book page discusses venders)
Where: Bennington, Vermont
When: Held Labor Day weekend (Sept 2 & 3, 2017)
Tickets: $8 at gate per day or $10 for both days (children 12 and under $2), free parking

Do you want to taste chocolate garlic? You can try that and more at the Southern Vermont Garlic and Herb Festival. There are many fun activities for garlic growers and cooks. You can go on a weed walk to discover the different properties of common plants, learn how to grow garlic, participate in a pie eating contest, try to get a hole in one in garlic golf, try some garlic ice cream, or relax in the beer and wine tent with a garlic margarita.  

Main Features:
Garlic golf
Herbalist and ‘weed walks’
Garlic growers with seed garlic
Over 100 venders of various types (including herbalists) and ostrich eggs providers
Lectures on planting, growing, harvesting and braiding garlic
Cooking demonstrations
Musicians on stage all day
Hay maze, face painting and children’s activities



Virginia Wine & Garlic Festival
Where: Amherst, Virginia
When: October 14 & 15, 2017
Tickets: With wine tasting: $27.37 advance, $30 at door
General: $16.82 advance, $20 at door, children 12 and under free

The Virginia Wine & Garlic Festival features a selection of wine from Virginia wineries and garlic from local growers.  Spend the weekend drinking great wine, sampling garlicky food, and being entertained. 

Main Features:
Local crafts people and garlic growers
Garlic Queen and Junior Queen (under 16 years old) competition (wackiness is encouraged in costume and talent)
Musicians, comedians, belly dancers and more
Children's area



Perth Garlic Festival
Where: Perth, Ontario, Canada
When: August 12 & 13, 2017
Tickets: Adults $5, children under 12 free, Free parking

Perth Garlic Festival offers a garlicky good time with local garlic growers, educational lectures, cooking demos, and an art silent auction. One of the world's top 10 garlic festivals with many fun events. Money raised goes to community projects supported by the local Lions Club of Perth. They have raised almost $500,000 to date.

Main Features:
Cooking Demos
Silent art auction
Garlic growers
Over 70 craft and food venders
Fish Lake Garlic Man
Birds of Prey Show
Tailgate rib cook off
Children’s activities
Live music

Carp Farmers Market Garlic Festival
Where: Carp Farmer’s Market, Carp, Ontario, Canada
When: August 12 & 13, 2017
Tickets: Free to public, free parking

Carp Farmer’s Market Garlic Festival features fun cooking demos, garlic growing lectures, garlic tasting, and over 100 market booths. They boost of over 86 different varieties of garlic! Come early to taste them all.

Main Features:
Garlic growers
Garlic Food and tasting
Cooking demos
Garlic braiding demos
Garlic growing lectures
Market venders
Best garlic contest

Stratford Garlic Festival
Where: Stratford, Ontario, Canada
When: September 9 & 10, 2017)
Tickets: $10 per day adults, children 12 and under free, free parking

A fun family event with garlic presentations, cooking demonstrations and gourmet garlic. Speak directly to a local garlic farmer. Check out the extensive garlic market or watch celebrity chefs go head to head in a black box cook-off.

Main Features:
Glorious Garlic Dinner/Dance with silent auction ($85 in advance)
Garlic braiding demonstration
Black Box Chef Contest
Celebrity cooking demonstrations
Over 100 garlic venders
Live music and entertainment

South Cariboo Garlic Festival
Where: Lac La Hache, BC, Canada
When: August 26 & 27, 2017
Tickets: Adults $5 for both days, children 12 and under free, free day parking

At South Cariboo Garlic Festival you can take your picture with the garlic mascot Garlina, try a garlic cookie or watch the Master Garlic Chef competition.  It is fun for the whole family with live entertainment and activities for children (even a garlic peeling and eating contest). It is not everywhere you can see 'Elvis' pose with a giant garlic (Garlina). Check out Garlina in the 2015 Dance of the Mascots.

Main Features:
Garlina, the official garlic ambassador
Garlic treats including cookies
Master Garlic Chef competition
Craft venders
Live music and entertainment
Children’s activities

Hill’s Garlic Festival
Where: New Denver, BC, Canada
When: September 10, 2017
Tickets: Adults $4 at gate, adults $3 in advance, children under 12 free

Hill’s Garlic Festival has fun contests and activities for everyone.  Try your hand at garlic poetry or see who has the largest bulb!  Over 160 booths feature organic, homemade and hand grown garlic, produce, plants and all sorts of crafts. Listed as one of the world's top 10 garlic festivals. This fund raiser is used to raise funds for recreational facilities and services for the local area.

Main Features:
Organic garlic and produce
Crafts and plants
Largest garlic and heaviest clove contest
Best garlic poem contest
Best garlic braid contest
Live music
Children’s activities


The Palouse (Idaho and Washington)

Unfortunately, we have no garlic festival here on the Palouse.  We do, however, have The National Lentil Festival, in which you can eat lentil ice cream, wear lentil hats and see one person dressed up as Tase T. Lentil.

It is a free two day event, complete with a giant kettle of free lentil stew Friday night, a parade at 11 am on Saturday, recipe tasting and live music.  Those of you who are athletic can even compete in the Tour de Lentil half century and century ride or submit a story about Tase T Lentil. If you are near Pullman, WA on August 18-19, 2017 check out the Palouse Lentil Festival (free admission).


Garlic Festival Face-off:

Blue garlic drawingDue to a comic mix-up two groups in North Plains, Oregon are vying for control of the city's North Plains Elephant Garlic Festival (disclaimer: elephant garlic is not 'real garlic'; it is a leek). Both the North Plains Chamber of Commerce and the non-profit group North Plains Events Association believe that it is their job to organize the festival. Apparently this occurred over a series of misunderstandings over which group should take charge of organizing the next years garlic festival. Funnily, both groups showed up at the same city council meeting to ask for fee waivers for a garlic festival, with the same name, held the same weekend.

In the stink that followed, accusations flew. These ranged from conflict of interest allegations, to debates over who pays who's electrical bill, and to intellectual property claims. In the end, a trade-off was reached. Both groups would host their own garlic festival. The Chamber of Commerce, who has previously run the festival, owns the original name, the logo and the slogan 'fun stinks'. However, they have renamed their event Oregon Garlic Festival. No reports yet on whether they plan to focus on 'real' garlic now. The North Plains Event Association, which seems to be composed of former Chamber of Commerce members who ran the original festival, renamed their event the Summer Fest and Garlic Out West. Both groups are claiming to be holding the 'original' festival; click here for a fuller account of the proceedings.

Update on this situation: reason has prevailed and the town is down to one garlic festival again. It is the North Plains Elephant Garlic Festival. The second festival has been shifted back to a Barbecue and Tractor Pull (which still looks like fun). See this article on dueling garlic festivals for more details.

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