Grey Duck Garlic sells organic gourmet seed garlic

Garlic Cook's Specials

Gourmet garlic has a wide following and high demand due to its great taste. Cook's Specials are designed to provide a total culinary experience for those who want to taste the flavor diversity available with gourmet garlic. These specials are also great for planting a delicious Cook's Garden.Grey Duck Garlic, garlic bulb in squash

Picture: A Chesnok Red garlic bulb snuggles into a squash plant blossom.

Our Cook's Specials contain the same high quality beautiful hardneck and softneck bulbs that we use for our seed garlic. Usually we use medium - medium large bulbs for Cook's Specials since they store the longest. These bulbs are carefully cured for maximum flavor.

Due to unexpected demand we are sold out of garlic for 2014.

For more on different garlic varieties check out the individual varieties. For more on cooking with garlic see our Garlic Cookbook.


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Grey Duck Garlic is certified organicWhy We Are Certified Organic

We don't just say we grow organically, we are certified Organic. This means our farm and operating procedures are inspected, approved and certified Organic by Washington State's Department of Agriculture. Sure it takes us extra time and work to meet Washington's strict organic requirements, but we think it is worth it for our peace of mind. Growing organically requires more than not using pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. Grey Duck Garlic has sustainable growing practices that improve our soil, create habitat for wildlife, and leave the land better than when we started farming. We take the time to certify our farm so you know you are getting the very best organic berries and produce.